Are you ready to apply 6-figure marketing strategies to grow your business?

Are you ready to apply
6-figure marketing strategies 
to grow your business?

The 4 Keys I’ve Used To Scale My Consulting Business From
 0 to $500K/Month In 11 Months 

The Proven Set Up Formula For Your Business 

Even you...
1. Start From Scratch...
2. No Complicated Funnels...
3. Not running Ads...
4. Lack Of Experience

In this training,
 you will find out...

How We're having
22 - 26 QUALIFIED appointments/day organically & consistently

How To Get Unlimited Organic Traffic With "The HERO Machine"

The $300K/Month Closing Script That Closes 60% of All Incoming Calls

How To Scale Your Business to 100K+/Month FAST 



Founder of 
Success Consulting

Mountain Wong started from a junior as a Business Transformation Coach since 2020 and now transform to be one of the fastest-growing consulting companies in Hong Kong. In 2022, he is setting out to exhibit his program in global.

After becoming a multi-millionaire in 18 months, He has helped over 630 coaches / consultants through his comprehensive programs.

Most entrepreneurs learning the ropes by themselves or invest all the time and money on different program and agency to grow their business. But end up with little outcome...

That’s why Mountain determines to fix the trends as a hero.

He is now inviting you to join his community with everything you need in the process of seeing a tangible effect!

See you at the Peak

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What Can We Do For You?


We help you get clear on your niche, structure a high-ticket offer, 
pricing, positioning, etc. This way you will clear about your target 
audience and become a super star in the fields.


An eye-catching and straight forward traffic & content system that 
turns cold leads to ready buyers
 in social media.
Our organic lead-attraction method presents how to build your audience with 1,000 qualified leads in 30 days.


A solid method of closing your high-ticket offer with ease and consistency.
You get access to all-rounded sales resources; sales script, role play, real-life sales recordings, and more.


We show you the exact processes and systems to onboard new clients so that they are set for success. Battle-tested systems and automation that will improve team efficiency and increase client trust.


We show you the ropes and trenches of how to scale your business to 6-7 figures. You will see exactly how we scaled our business to $200k/month organically with Facebook & Instagram.

You get access to the entire Success Consulting family, the back-end systems, the processes, and the automation.


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